Exploring Bandung Attractions – The Bandung Zoo

Exploring Bandung Attractions – The Bandung Zoo

When it comes to Bandung attractions, there are many options available. For instance, there’s the Bandung Zoo. It was constructed in 1930. The original name is Bandung Zoological Park. The builder was Hoogland. There was a tragic history behind this tourist spot. During the Japanese invasion, the zoo was neglected. In the end of World War 2, the government reconstructed it well. Today, it becomes the pride of Bandung. Many tourists come to this place. What is in the zoo, exactly?

About Bandung Zoo

The size of the zoo is about 14 hectares. It’s situated in the highland. Not to mention it’s situated in a strategic location. Any tourists can reach the zoo easily. Also, it’s suitable for conservation. Most of the area is used for animal conservation, plants, waterpark, and playground. There are also a museum, a theater, a mosque, an aquarium, and an office. The zoo has more than 200 species of animals. Some of them are protected by the government. Most of them are domestic faunas. There are some foreign animals as well.

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About The Bandung Zoo – Bandung Attractions

As one of the best Bandung attractions, the Bandung Zoo has been a top destination for families. You must bring your family to this location someday. Your kids would love to learn the animals. The zoo is suitable for a group vacation, too. What about the plants? Apart from the animals, the zoo also becomes the conservation of Indonesian floras. There are numerous types of plants in it. The atmosphere is quite calming as well. There are also some ancient plants. They have been there for more than a hundred year.

Many Facilities Available

The government gives an extra attention to the zoo. They consider it as one of the best Bandung attractions. It’s well-maintained. There are modern facilities as well. The visitors won’t get disappointed in visiting the zoo. For instance, there’s a playground. Your kids would love it. Moreover, there’s the flying fox. It’s suitable for those who love a challenging activity.

The prime Bandung attractions in the zoo include majestic animals, plants, fun facilities, and a theater. The stage is used for various performances. These include national and traditional art performances. If you want to see them, you must find out the schedules. Don’t come to the zoo without a preparation. Otherwise, you may get disappointed. It’s fun to come to Bandung Zoo either with friends or families. Don’t forget to bring a camera! It will be a memorable vacation in Bandung. A site like www.indonesia.travel can be your reference, actually.